Comm/218 Week 1 Individual Assignment

WEEK 3: 15-20 MINUTE TEAM PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION OUTLINE AND VIDEO LINK The following is a basic outline for the team’s persuasive proposal. It should also include the Team’s presentation link. Remember, each speaker on the team should follow a similar outline format for their individual presentations as used in the Week 2 presentation to be certain that their speeches are well organized. You do not have to submit your individual outlines for this team presentation, but you should complete one and use it to guide your practice and delivery. Please post this completed outline in the Assignment Section and Main Forum to the appropriate thread with the link to your audio/video presentation. After posting, please test the link and be sure it is active, it opens, and it will not expire). Presentation Link: Our Team is presenting the following game _______________________________________________________ I Introduction ( Please open the team presentation speech with the introductory speaker’s attention gaining

COPYRIGHT ETHICS 2 Copyright Ethics As technology has grown, more and more images and literary works have found their way onto the internet. Some of these are strictly digital materials, while others may be found in both digital and/or print formats; however, regardless of their format, these materials are still protected by copyright law. In fact, with such an amazing abundance of material now available at the tips of our fingers, it is more important than ever to acknowledge both the legal and ethical implications of using material we find on the internet within our own work. The positive side of this abundance of visual and literary material is that it has become much easier for people such as artists and authors to display or publish their works. Websites/Companies, such as Amazon, have created a venue for individuals to publish their material without the necessity of a gallery or large publishing company requiring their stamp of approval. Simply conducting a Google search for any kind of picture or image will return a plethora of options to browse through, many of which would likely have never been discovered had they not found their way to the internet.

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