Some Shall Be Pardoned And Some Punished Essay

Romeo And Juliet: Who Is The Real Culprit?

“Some shall be pardoned, and some punished, for there was never a story of more woe than of Juliet and her Romeo.”

Romeo and Juliet: the story and characters that define “teenage love” and tragedy. But were the tragic misunderstandings and mishaps truly their fault? A question that has risen many a time has now been made the topic of this essay; who is really at fault for the unfortunate death of the 2 most deep lovers? Through pathetic fallacy for effect, foreshadowing, and an insightful prologue, Shakespeare gives us a preview of what was going to become of the two troubled lovers. Many characters can be held guilty for their death in various indirect ways, such as the Nurse, Capulet, Tybalt or even Romeo himself. However, can Friar Lawrence be counted in as well? In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence plays a very significant role as a priest of the St. Francis Church and who the children trusted completely. Shockingly, in this play of tragedy, Friar Lawrence has the bigger hand in the death of the two star-crossed lovers through means rash and hasty decisions. There are many sources of evidence proving the Friar indirectly responsible for the fate of the children, through the “much appreciated” help he has provided to the children to finally be together. However, without the Friar the children would have nobody to support their love and decisions, due to the deadly family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. In hopes of solving the decade old dispute with no meaning, the Friar, without giving his decisions much thought, helped the children in their desperate spirit to be married and live a happy life together. Would someone consider him unaware of the intensity of the present family conditions? Or would they think of his actions as inconsiderate of the consequences that could follow? The obvious actions of the Friar can possibly point out some character traits that may support this debate of weather he is truly at fault or not.
Friar Lawrence, Romeo’s “life” mentor, has obviously advised Romeo for many things, and has definitely supported him through many of his tough times, however too much of something if never a good thing, which is the case of the Friar. His great support for Romeo and Juliet) all throughout the play, and the support Romeo has from him, has compelled the Friar to take such decisions that he may not even think out properly before he had committed to the children. Instead of giving pleasant ideas to the young children such as deciding of a way to proclaim their love to the world, as an alternative to such a hard plan he takes the easy way out and sets up the underground marriage. Knowing this was an erroneous choice to take in such a situation, he quotes: “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast”; a hinting phrase the Friar told Romeo before carrying on with the marriage, suggesting that perhaps they were rushing this situation. However he did believe that the children’s marriage might...

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Iaquinto 2

marriage. Capulet is very angry when Juliet does not want to marry Paris. He violently screams at her for a prolonged period of time. He also says that if she was a beggar and he saw her, he would just ignore her. He shows complete disregard for her feelings. Therefore, by not caring about his daughter, this proves

how Capulet should be punished for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths.

Finally, he should be punished for not acting maturely and not ending the feud with the Montague family like an adult should. By choosing to keep the feud going, he unintentionally causes his

daughter, and nephew’s deaths. If he had ended the feud, then Tybalt would not have wanted to fight Romeo, and therefore not have died, since everything after Tybalt’s death is

negative, it can be inferred that his death is the turning point. If the feud was ended by Lord Capulet, then most likely, nobody would have died, but he did not. Hence, he should be  punished for not stopping the silly feud earlier. Consequently, by Lord Capulet moving the wedding, yelling intensely at his daughter, and not ending the feud, he should be penalized. The nurse should also be punished by Prince Escalus. First, she tells Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris. When the nurse tells this to Juliet, she is betraying her trust and siding with her parents, when she

should be on Juliet’s side. The nurse says, “Romeo is  banish’d; and all the world to nothing… I think it best you married with the county” (3.5.214— 

18). By the nurse betraying her, Juliet can only trust Romeo and the Friar. Therefore, the nurse should

 be disciplined by the Prince for playing a part in Juliet’s bloodshed. Another reason is

that she does not tell Lord or Lady Capulet of the marriage of Romeo and Juliet. When they got married, the nurse chooses

not to tell Juliet’s parents. By the nurse

 not doing this, she is not allowing the parents to know what Juliet is going through. They believe she is crying over Tybalt, but if the nurse tells them, they may be more sympathetic since Lord Capulet is already  prompted to end the feud. If the nurse tells them, it might be better for Juliet in the long run.

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