Vampires Vs Werewolves Essay Outline

Ok so a vampire, especially a mature one, would usually have little trouble killing a lone wolf.. They are stronger, JUST as fast (I have no idea where you guys got the idea that werewolves were faster than vampires.. Stephenie Meyer stated in the twilight saga official illustrated guide that they both ran about the same speed, in excess of mph, depending on the relative speed of that individual.) and actually they are much quicker, capable of moving across a room nearly instantaneously.. I mean literally, Bella moved from a laying position on a table to the opposite side of the room in "a sixty-forth of a second". And most probably most importantly, vampires are nearly indestructible.. Completely impervious to human weapons, they are comparative to superman's invincibility. The only things that can actually harm a vampire because of their extremely hard skin are other vampires- both teeth and strength- and werewolves- just their teeth. Now let's discuss a little vamp vs wolf history. After two women went missing in a tribe neighboring the quilayutes, the chief of that tribe blamed them because of their unique ability. The quilayute chief taha Aki agreed to have his sons hunt down the creature to avoid any hostility between the tribes. Six wolves went on the hunt for the creature and the journey took them so far north that the younger three were sent back to report the information. The oldest three wolves never returned. A few years later, more women disappeared from the neighboring tribe, and the three surviving wolves were again sent to hunt down the creature. This time only one wolf came back carrying a ripped apart cold, stony corpse. his two brothers were killed by the vampire- ripped apart like dolls- while he managed to defeat the already mangled vampire. They found that the pieces of the vampire started moving and trying to reconstruct themselves, and that only fire would completely destroy it. A few years later, a pale, beautiful blonde woman entered the village. The people were immediately awestruck by her excruciating beauty and came to bow down to her- coming to the obvious conclusion that she was a goddess. More than twenty people that surrounded her were immediately slaughtered. The remaining tribe tried to flee by boat, but she went after them, crushing the ships with her incredible strength like they were toys. When taha Aki realized what was going on, he phased into an ancient white muzzled wolf and began battling the cold woman. His current wife- the third wife- with whom he imprinted on knew that he would lose the fight, and that the tribe would then all be killed. She knew she could not harm the woman herself, so she picked up a knife from her dead son and ran to the cold woman's feet, stabbing herself in the heart. The flowing blood was enough to distract the woman long enough for taha Aki to rip her apart- with additional help from children who had just phased. I just summed that up from eclipse and that proves that vampires are far superior to wolves one on one. As for children of the moon, there is literally half a page at the end of breaking dawn when Edward discusses that caius- one of the leaders of the volturi- was nearly killed in a fight with one. Nearly. Meaning Caius won. They are again discussed in the twilight saga illustrated guide but the only things Stephenie points out are that they have supernatural strength when in wolf form, they resemble quillayute wolves, but move more ape like than canine, they change in response to phases of the moon, they do not move in packs, and usually travel alone or with a mate, the volturi have nearly hunted them to extinction, and that in a fight, vampires have the upper hand because they retain their rationality.

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Comparing Vampires and Werewolves
Star Koning
January 12th,
Karen DeVries

Comparing Vampires and Werewolves
Vampires and werewolves are ravenous demons that haunt our dreams, and dwell in the dark murky shadows of the night. They like to creep around in the dark, and will attack when least expected. These creatures of the night can live within the human population. They could be your neighbor, your local bank teller, your pastor, your local store clerk, or even your best friend, and in most cases they are never even noticed. That is until one is breathing down the neck of an unsuspecting victim. Vampires are not born, they are human first. They have to be bitten by a vampire who drains their blood, and then they must…show more content…

Humans are drawn to them because of these features. Some vampires are tortured by the curse of being a vampire, and have managed to retain their souls. These vampires no longer burn in the sunlight, no longer fear religious icons, and do not like garlic only because of how bad it smells. What it comes down to, is that vampires are less scary and much more desirable now, then what they use to be.
The classic werewolf would only come out during a full moon, and would attack and kill anything that moved. They were also tortured by the fact that they were a wolf and had no control over their actions after the change. By day, werewolves were human, and were forced to live around other people. This was the reason for human attacks. Werewolves could only be killed by a silver bullet to their heart. (Dale Smith, January 25, Retrieved from…/comparing-…) The modern werewolf has come to terms with being a werewolf. They have learned how to keep themselves away from humans during their transition and a full moon. They have been known to chain themselves up with silver chains, and lock themselves up in a cell. Some of them will even take wolf’s bane, which is a plant or herb that stuns the werewolf and makes them weak. Some werewolves are less affected by the full moon, and can change themselves anytime they want. (L.J. Smith, the CW television series, The Vampire Diaries,

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