Pharmacy Student Reflective Essay Template

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Health Sciences - Midpoint Reflection Paper

Having grown up in Ethiopia, I was eager to have a firsthand experience in provision of health care in a developed country. The midpoint reflection gives the goals and objectives of the rotation and this will be compared with the actual experience. The main goal for going for the rotation was to help me get firsthand experience and skills in offering pharmacist delivered care to diverse patients and operate under the specified laws.

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Pharmacy School Admission Essay

In 2002 itself I enrolled myself in Los Angeles City College, which I didn't take seriously in the beginning. I was barely 16 then and not very sure about my future. The new life, new country, new culture got me off the track for almost a year.

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Admission Essay for Pharmacy

I was born and brought up in a family which values more importance to social service. I live in a small family with my parents and younger sister. I was always taught to lend a helping hand to anyone who is in need. One of my principles is to help a person in need and not look for any fruit.

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Pharmacy school admission essay

I have excelled in these courses because the concepts, the theories, and the applications fascinate me. In short, the career interests me so much because I can apply my theoretical knowledge in a way which benefits people in need of help and comfort. My grade point average was excellent.

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(Boddy, 2001) Pharmacists are now regarded as the Nation's hitherto untapped knowledge base and they are gradually taking the place of junior doctors in multidisciplinary teams in hospitals and other healthcare centres. The aim of this research is to study the feasibility of this approach of replacing junior doctors with pharmacists in ward rounds and whether it effectively reduces the cost of treatment and enhances treatment quality.

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Pharmacy education: personal essay

I believe that it also gives me the opportunity to perform my duties with utmost dedication and wisdom.This, coupled with the fact that my talent and core interests lie in this field are the driving forces behind my great interest in obtaining education in the field of Pharmacy.

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Collage of pharmacy admission essay

My career is marked by a solid grade point average and I have every intention of maintaining and indeed improving my performance day by day. Basically, I am a focused person and since beginning I have

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Personal essay for pharmacy admission

I am a highly motivated and empathetic person and have worked at a pharmacy for two years—a job which I love. Although I feel I have learned a lot so far, I am fully aware that in order to follow my career goals, I still

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Pre-rotation assigment

The school has a school nurse, and health education programs for every grade, that is grade 6 and 7. Health status of the children in this school depends on what is in the education program, how well the objectives of the education programs are implemented by the

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Consequently, Ms. T went over some useful x-ray images, which we used to see at the clinic. This involved going over all the technical error and

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My internship experience has proved to be valuable and has provided me with new knowledge. Attending as a pharmacist intern student is rewarding. I am able to observe the pharmacist and technicians, and can interact with patients. I was able to see the working relationship between the pharmacist and the technicians. I got a glimpse about what a pharmacist can do in the community for patients.

an internship student, I thought I could only do fill drugs. However, the pharmacists and the technicians were very kind and helpful. They not only showed me how to fill each drug, but assisted me with filling issues, such as partial fills, changing manufacturers if the NDC does not match, and report medication is out of stock, etc. Also, they showed me how to do point-of-sale transactions that make me nervous due to unknown problems that can arise. An example of a difficult transaction is when the patient asks you questions about their insurance, which is something I do not understand at all. I have learned to see things through the eye of a pharmacist. Pharmacists and technicians often have a multitude of questions from patients. They must be experienced, so they can help patients to solve their problems such as insurance, counseling, and pricing of the drugs.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">One of the interesting things that I observed from another site is compounding. I thought only pharmacists were allowed to compound. However, in reality, a technician can compound too. Technicians are very helpful and important tools for pharmacist. At the site that I am interning, the technicians are very extraordinary and patient with the patients. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable and kind. They can answer all kinds of questions, from both the patients and myself.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">This internship serves as a good stepping-stone for students to become a pharmacist. The activities help me gain experience, so I can do the tasks of a pharmacist and feel confident. Moreover, this internship has given me a chance to have a relationship with pharmacists and technicians. Understanding more about insurance problems and getting better on point-of-sale transactions are my next goals for the remaining two weeks at this internship.</p>

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