Food Pollution Essay Example

Running Head: FOOD POLLUTION IN UNITED STATESFood Pollution in United StatesFood pollution is the food that contains toxic chemicals and/or biological contaminants that aren’t include originally in food. (Environmental Pollution Center) Nowadays, food pollution became a serious problem either in the United States or all over the world.Food pollution is now becoming a serious problem because it causes serious health issues that include diarrhea, headache, brain damage or even death. “Meat” is the most commonly poisoned food over all. Although it is hard to make surethat the food won’t be poisoned, there are still some ways that we can do to have a bigimprovement to prevent the food getting poisoned. According to the recent research, 48 millions of Americans were affected by the food pollution each year, hundred thousands of people were hospitalized and thousands of people were killed. (Center for Food Safety) There are three ways that we could prevent the food pollution: buy certified food, cook food thoroughly, and not mix the raw food with cooked food. Food pollution has a high risk of polluted in the farm. In a crowding environment, meats produced by cows, pig, and chickens can cause “an unacceptable level of risk topublic health and damage to the environment…” (n.d., 2014) (Rome, 2006) Researchers have found out that the major reasons why the meat get poisoned are animal waste, pesticide use and radiation-pollution. According to the EPA

Nowadays, the amount of information to process when you create an essay can be overwhelming. The Internet has loads of information to offer 24/7; it's up to you to make good use of that huge data bank. Pollution on nourishment and the possible side effects is a concerning topic currently because of the large number of chemical compounds that surround us in our every day's life. Let's analyze how to come up with an A+ article on this topic.

  • How to find reliable sources
  • First of all, where can you find the information that you need for your essay? It is recommended to check updated data on official websites or to search for some info on books. By doing so, you will avoid mixing (or missing) important facts on this topics. On top of that, using papers as sources is also a great idea. On the down side, there is a lot of info on that kind of publications. However, you may make good use of some figures in the conclusion section.

  • Sort out the information
  • In a frequent basis, you will end up having a lot of information about pollution and its side effects provided that there are tons of studies on this matter. It is up to you to summarize and exclude the data that is not adequate for your essay. Exclude what you do not fully understand in order to work more effectively.

  • The most relevant points
  • This selections depends on the approach that you will have in the study. For instance, do you want to focus on a certain topic or will you compare some figures? Do you want to focus on the studies in your country or will you make an international study? Before narrowing down the top points for your article, you will need to decide the focus of the whole research. Pick a topic that suits you; i.e. that you are comfortable writing about.

  • How to make a strong conclusion
  • This is arguably the most delicate part in your article. In order to come up with a solid conclusion, you will have to understand how the information that you have gathered points out in some directions; i.e. conclusions. Fortunately, you will have some other articles or papers to analyze the process of deducing conclusions from the raw data. Some studies use Statistics, which is the most formal approach. If you are not familiar with those techniques, you can use the figures to come up with conclusion – without having to perform the calculations on your own.

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