Nt1110 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Video Summary 2

Unformatted text preview: User should be concerned about their data on their computer especially since the normal citizen uses the computer for banking, shopping and paying bills. Anyone who knows what they are doing can hack into a low protected computer and steal their identity. This crime has become one of the biggest and fastest growing crimes at this time in date. Melissa Stricker / May 12, 2014 NT1110 / Module 5 Discussion What are the typical ways of user authentication while accessing a computer? Passwords are the most typical way to access individual’s financial accounts as well as private photos, videos and/or information. How can you secure your wireless network? The way that I secure my network is using a WPA2 password protected router. By using this router and not giving my password to others help reduce my threat to my computers, game systems, tablets and cellular devices....
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...Assignment 1: Review of accounting ethics 1 Assignment 1: Review of Accounting Ethics By February 1, 2013 ACC 557: Financial Accounting Oleksii Morgun Strayer University at Arlington Campus School of Business Administration (M.S. Accounting Program) Assignment  1:  Review  of  Accounting  Ethics                            2     Abstract This research writing is to describe the following: 1. Given the corporate ethical breaches in recent times, assess whether or not you believe that the current business and regulatory environment is more conductive to ethical behavior. 2. Based on research, describe organization, the accounting ethical breach and the impact to the organization related to ethical breach. 3. Determine how the organizational ethical issue was detected and how management failed to create ethical environment. 4. Analyze the accounts impacted and/or accounting guidelines violated and the resulting impact to the business operation. 5. As a CFO, recommend which measures could have been taken to prevent this ethical breach and how each measure should be implemented in future. Assignment  1:  Review  of  Accounting  Ethics                            3     Before the Enron and Andersen scandals, relatively little public attention was paid to the truthfulness of financial reporting. Of course, no one believed......

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...www.nytimes.com Global Trail of an Online Crime Ring www.nytimes.com The Great Cyber Heist 1. How did the authorities catch Gonzalez the first time? Albert Gonzalez was arrested one day in the month of July 2003. According to www.nytimes.com article “The Great Cyber Heist”. Gonzalez was spotted by an out of uniform officer. The officer had been originally assigned to investigate a rise in car theft occurrences in the upper portion of Manhattan, New York. Gonzalez was not in that line of crime, but was suspicious looking having stringy hair, and a nose ring. The officer followed close behind Gonzalez. Gonzalez led him to an ATM inside of a bank. While pretending to use the machine himself the officer observed Gonzalez using multiple cards one after another. He was arrested, and gave authorities his real name not one of his many aliases, and charged him with fraud. 2. How did the authorities catch Gonzalez the second time? Albert Gonzalez was supposed to be helping authorities investigate his co-conspirators, be he was still highly involved in the crimes. He was arrested on May 7 at the National Hotel in Miami Beach. The authorities tied him to a man named Makem Yastremskiy. Through the forensic analysis Makem Yastremskiy’s computer was found to hold much need information, the roles of the other participants in his circle. E-mails used under soupnazi@efnet.ru were known to belong to Gonzalez this is what led to his arrest. 3.......

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...Week 4 Assignment 1 Soc 100 July 29, 2012 In this paper I will be discussing the article “Study of delinquent, diverted, and high-risk adolescent girls: Implications for mental health intervention”. I will start by giving a brief summary of the article I have chosen. Followed by discussing the type of article this is and my conclusion I have drawn form the information found in this article. Lastly I will discuss how this article fits into our sociology class as well as how this article differs from non-scholarly periodicals The article begins by describing the issue of increasing numbers of adolescent girls being entered into our nation’s juvenile judicial system. The study aims to assess the most common risk factors that are affecting adolescent girls being entered into the juvenile judicial system. It also aims to find the effectiveness of the prevention factors in place to keep adolescents out of the system. For the study a survey was administered over the course of nine months to a hundred and fifty-nine adolescent girls. These adolescent girls were broken into three categories delinquent, diverted and high-risk. Delinquent girls are the girls that have been entered in the juvenile justice system in some form ranging from home care to a penitentiary. The diverted girls group consists of girls that have engaged in behaviors that have brought them to the attention of the juvenile justice system but instead of being entered into the judicial system were referred to......

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...UNIT 4. Assignment 1. Copper vs Fiber As the name suggests, fibre optic technology uses pulses of light to carry data along strands of glass or plastic. It's the technology of choice for the government's National Broadband Network (NBN), which promises to deliver speeds of at least 100Mbps. When we're talking about 'speed' were actually talking about throughput (or capacity) — the amount of data you can transfer per unit time. And fiber optics can definitely transfer more data at higher throughput over longer distances than copper wire. For example, a local area network using modern copper lines can carry 3000 telephone calls all at once, while a similar system using fiber optics can carry over 31,000. So what gives it the technical edge over copper wires? Traditional copper wires transmit electrical currents, while fiber optic technology sends pulses of light generated by a light emitting diode or laser along optical fibers. In both cases you're detecting changes in energy, and that's how you encode data. With copper wires you're looking at changes in the electromagnetic field, the intensity of that field and perhaps the phase of the wave being sent down a wire. With fiber optics, a transmitter converts electronic information into pulses of light — a pulse equates to a one, while no pulse is zero. When the signal reaches the other end, an optical receiver converts the light signal back into electronic information, the throughput of the data is determined by the frequency......

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...Motherboards Marc Burzynski Unit 4 Assignment 1 NT1110 07/20/2013 Video 1.04 Summary This video talked about the differences in the different form factors motherboards as well as the similarities. It explains for those of us who prefer to build our own systems that we should select our motherboard before buying the tower and after we have selected the CPU. It also explains about the different types of connectors found on motherboards. List Of Topics, Terms And Definitions * Motherboard – The most important consideration, the size and shape is determined by form factor * ATX Form Factor – Replaced the AT form factor, ATX is smaller, easier to work on, better organization, has support for a wide variety of I/O devices, usually has is the P1 20 pin or 24 pin power connector, on the older ATX form factor motherboards were connected via the PS/2 connector at the back of the case, the newer ATX form factor motherboards connected keyboard and mouse via a USB, usually has between two and four DIMM slots, has either PCI E Oren AGP slot but not both, usually has 2 40 pin IDE slots, and usually 1 to 2 serial ATA slots. The ATA form factor was the first to introduce the soft power switch on the front of the computer; the soft power switch does not immediately cut power but instead allows the computer to go through the normal shutdown procedure. There is however a power switch on the back of the computer, flipping the switch immediately kills power. Another......

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...Assignment 2 Task 1: There are six different ways that markets can be segmented. One of the ways is by using psychographic segmentation. Psychographic segmentation involves putting people into different categories by social class, lifestyle, activities, opinions, interests, behaviour and attitudes. Within this segmentation is socio-economic segmentation. These are classified depending on their similarities in income, occupation and education. There is a table used called the social grade definitions table that is used for classifications. Social grade | Social status | Occupation | A | Upper middle class | Higher managerial, administrative or professional | B | Middle class | Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional | C1 | Lower middle class | Supervisory or clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional | C2 | Skilled working class | Skilled manual workers | D | Working class | Semi-skilled and unskilled workers | E | Those at the lowest level of subsistence | State pensioners or widows, casual or low grade workers | Lifestyle looks at the people and not the product trying to relate lifestyle patterns to purchasing behaviour. A lifestyle is a way that someone behaves, which they have got from part of the community. There are a few models of lifestyle; one of the most well-known is sagacity life cycle groupings. This basically looks at how......

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...for everyone. Mormons have the strong belief of having a relationship with Jesus Christ and the bond not to fade. Mormons also have faith in Jesus Christ to be baptized, receive Holy Ghost and to repent when they sin. Mormons remember all the blessings and promises of being baptized when taking sacrament at church every Sunday. The Mormons of Latter-Day Saints have had some controversy from publishing their new doctrine, The Book of Mormon. This has been misunderstood by many as this is not what many believe is the only Mormon scripture. The Book of Mormon is an addition to the bible. There is also a play that has been going on for many showings now that is called, The Book of Mormon. I haven’t gone to see the play but after this assignment I am interested to see what it is all about. Mormons also are the largest financial supporter to The Boy Scouts of America. My son has been a boy scout for many years now, although his troop is supported by a Catholic church, I had no idea that the greatest financial supporter is the Mormons. Mormon or Latter-Day Saints is the fastest growing religion as well and the second richest, Catholicism is the first richest religion. In Missouri there was a Mormon extermination order which meant that Mormons had to the leave the state and if they did not leave they would be driven from the state by force. “In the order, a letter to General John Clark of the state militia, Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs charged that the Mormons......

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...Category | Beginning | Developing | Accomplished | Exemplary | | 1 2 | 3 | 4 | Organization and Thought Process | Incoherent in thought process to logically follow through an argument. | Somewhat coherent but could be better presented and polished. | Organized, logical; covers all sides, making reference to theories, but limited to technicalities. | Goes beyond the technical – insightful. Makes sound conclusions beyond the obvious. | Thesis is set in historical and philosophical context | Makes weak or no references to readings; position relative to ethical theories’ stances is unclear or weak. | Makes vague references to readings; position relative to ethical theories’ stances is vague or only partially formed. | Makes references to readings; articulates a position relative to ethical theories’ stances. | Makes clear and direct references (including quotes and/or paraphrases) to readings; articulates a clear position relative to ethical theories’ stances. | Organization and Grammar | The paper has flaws in organization as well as errors in style and grammar that detract from its coherence and flow. | The paper is organized into sections, but errors in style and grammar detract from the paper’s coherence and flow. | The paper is well organized; however, there are some small errors in grammar and style. | The paper is well organized and there......

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... Business Ethics Assignment 1 Vudmgh12019 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Background 3 History of ethics 4 Definition 4 Overview of all philosophies 4 Understand different ethical perspectives in business 6 Explain the background and development of theoretical ethical approaches 6 Four mains ethical traditions 6 Compare and contrast absolute and relative ethics 7 Aspect of ethical issues 9 Explain the ethical issues which can affect the operational activities of a business 9 Current ethical issues affecting business 10 Solutions 10 Understand business objectives from an ethical perspective 11 Explain how business objectives are affected by ethical considerations 11 Evaluate the implications for a business and its stakeholders to operate ethically 11 Value of Company 12 Solution in 1.3 effects on the value of Vinaphone: 12 Executive Summary Business ethics is concerned with the result that each decision affects operating-governance impact on others, both inside and outside the enterprise. It is also considering the rights and obligations of each individual, humanistic principles to be followed in the decision making process and the nature of the relationship between man and man. Vinaphone Company Telecom Services is a subsidiary of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) activities in the field of mobile communication, providing services GSM, 3G, messaging, ... and many other fields. By researching the company, Vinaphone faced with two......

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...Econ 1 Assignment 4 1-) (Categories of Price Elasticity of Demand) For each of the following absolute values of price elasticity of demand, indicate whether demand is elastic, inelastic, perfectly elastic, perfectly inelastic, or unit elastic. In addition, determine what would happen to total revenue if a firm raised its price in each elasticity range identified.
 a) ED = 2.5:elastic b) ED = 0.8:inelastic 2-) (Price Elasticity of Supply) Calculate the price elasticity of supply for each of the following combinations of price and quantity supplied. In each case, determine whether supply is elastic, inelastic, perfectly elastic, perfectly inelastic, or unit elastic in each case. Please give details to your numeric answers.
 a) Price falls from $2.25 to $1.75; quantity supplied falls from 600 units to 400 units. 200/600= 1/3=33.3/22.2=.667 b) Price falls from $2.25 to $1.75; quantity supplied falls from 600 units to 500 units.
100/600=.1667 / 2.25/1.75=.757 3-) Consider the following pairs of goods. Which would you expect to have the more elastic demand? Why?
 a) water or diamonds=water b) insulin or nasal decongestant spray=insulin
 c) food in general or breakfast cereal=food d) gasoline over the course of a week or gasoline over the course of a year

= week 4-) Outsourcing Inpatient Care to India The Wall Street Journal, Monday April 26, 2004. Global health care has arrived. During 2003, Canadian resident Terry Salo flew to India to have......

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...1 Running head: UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT 1 Fundamentals of Finance BUS 3062 Rodtrice Johnson 3/7/16 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Dennis Hart 1. Q: Proficient-level: "How do Cornett, Adair, and Nofsinger define risk in the M: Finance textbook and how is it measured?" (Cornett, Adair, & Nofsinger, 2016). Distinguished-level: Describe the risk relationship between stocks, bonds, and T-bills, using the standard deviation of returns as the measure of risk. Answer Proficient-level: Risk is defined as the volatility of an asset’s returns over time. Specifically, the standard deviation of returns is used to measure risk. This computation measures the deviation from the average return. The idea is to use standard deviation, a measure of volatility of past returns to proxy for how variable returns are expected to be in the future. Answer Distinguished-level: Stocks and bonds have very different risk-return characteristics. In general, while stocks are more volatile than bonds, over the long run, stocks are expected to yield higher returns than bonds. By varying the mix of stocks and bonds in a portfolio, an investor can achieve her desired level of risk exposure. However, the level of risk in a portfolio depends not only on the risks of individual assets, but also on the movements of the individual assets in the portfolio. 2. Q: Proficient-level: "What is the source of firm-specific risk? What is the source of market risk?" (Cornett, Adair, & Nofsinger, 2016,......

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...Assessment Cover Sheet (Print all details and attach to front of assessment task/assignment before submitting) Name | ------------------------------------------------- Fatih Budak | Student ID | ------------------------------------------------- s1421411 | Phone number | ------------------------------------------------- 0412156758 | Email | ------------------------------------------------- s1421411@nmitstudent.vic.edu.au | Course code & name | ------------------------------------------------- Associate Degree of Accounting | Unit code & name | BACC202 - Risk management corporate governance and ethics - S1, 2015 | Name of assessment | ------------------------------------------------- Assignment 1 | Due Date | 27/03/2015 (Submission after the due date is subject to penalty) | Teacher name | ------------------------------------------------- Shirley Wong | Instructions | ------------------------------------------------- | Declaration: Read, tick and sign below * I declare that the attached assessment I have submitted is my own original work and any contributions from and references to other authors are clearly acknowledged and noted. * This document has been created for the purpose of this assessment only and has not been submitted as another form of assessment at Melbourne Polytechnic or any other tertiary institute. * I have retained a copy of this work for my reference in the event that this application is lost or......

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