Monroe Doctrine Political Cartoon Assignment

1.Explain the character(s) in the cartoon"The Big Stick in the Caribbean Sea" is a political cartoon by W.A. Rogers that was published in 1904. The characters in the cartoon is the then-president Theodore Roosevelt, a giant stick , a fleet of ships on the Caribbean sea, some seagulls as well as Mexico and Panama.2.Describe the symbols and actions the artist employs in the cartoon.There are several symbols and actions that are in this cartoon. First and foremost, cartoon Theodore Roosevelt is huge and is carrying a very big stick which symbolizes the Monroe Doctrine, and the doctrine supports the United States. The cartoon shows ships passing by countries that have already bowed to American rule which is a sign of progress. Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela are depicted to be under the US which is a signof how they were subject to taxation and governance. 3.Describe the issues the cartoon raisesThe cartoon raises the issues of masculinity empirical dominance, masculinity, and progress. Drawing Roosevelt barefooted and marching through the Caribbean Sean, the

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“The Monroe Doctrine” addresses European designs on the Western Hemisphere during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The cartoon was created by William Allen Rogers, and first published in the New York Herald.

The download includes the following:

1. An introductory paragraph that describes the historical context of the cartoon.

2. A full-size picture of the cartoon, allowing students to label as instructed.

3. Questions based on the political cartoon.

4. A PowerPoint that teachers can use to lead students through the cartoon (complete with discussion notes). The PowerPoint is saved using Word 97-2003, allowing for adjustments to fonts, etc.

5. An answer key is included.

For those wishing to see an excellent sample of the political cartoons offered, please see "The Repeal, or the Death of Miss Ame Stamp" and download for free.

You might also consider downloading an associated cartoon, "The Plumb-pudding in Danger." I have also bundled them together at a discount under the name, "Political Cartoons: Foreign Affairs in the Early Republic."

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