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Morning examinations start at 8.30am and afternoon examinations at 1.30pm.  Please note some afternoon examinations may not finish until 3.30pm so students need to make arrangements for transport home if they normally rely on the College buses. 


It is impossible to over-emphasise the importance of serious, planned revision. Tutors will be assisting students to plan their revision. Wherever possible, students are advised to study on their own, in a quiet room, without the distractions of music and television.

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in the smelting of pig iron; Henry Cort developed the puddling furnace which allowed pig iron to be refined in turn with coke and developed steam-powered rolling mills6.The economic consequence of the innovations was agreat boom in the English iron industry (17,000 tons in 1740, 68,000 tons in 1788, and 3,000,000 tons in 1844)7.Iron became the cheap, basic, indispensable buildingblock of the economy5.The Coming of the Railroads1.The second half of the eighteenth century saw extensive construction of roads but passenger traffic benefited most and overland shipment of freight, relying on horsepower, was limited and expensive (inventors tried to use steam power solution)2.As early as 1800, an American ran a “steamer on wheels” and English engineers created steam cars but horses continued to reign highways and streets for the century3.The coal industry had been using plank roads and rails to move coal wagons in mines and the surface because rails reduced friction and allowed carry of heavier loads4.In 1816 a stronger rail was developed, George Stephenson built an effective loco-motive in 1825 and in 1830, 

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